About Our Club/Meetings

group1aA word or two about our club, Diablo 598 . . .

We are a charter club since 1948! Our members are our strength! We are a diverse group, ranging in all ages, backgrounds and careers. We also have members from other lands, currently including Peru, India, Venezuela, Russia, Turkey, Japan and the Philippines. This is a high-energy group that has much combined experience with the Toastmaster program so come and benefit from that experience! They want to help you grow!

We are also proud members of the Concord Chamber of Commerce. By joining our club, you automatically become eligible to attend all Chamber events free of charge! These include the Young Professionals social group, the Women's Networking Group, and the Business After Hours mixer -- all terrific monthly networking opportunities in the Concord area!

Meet our Club Officers

Cindy Johnson, President Cindy Johnson,
Ashley Harkness, VP Education Ashley Harkness,
Vice President - Education
Marth Pratt Marth Pratt,
Vice President - Public Relations
Jerry Hurd, VP - Membership Jerry Hurd,
Vice President - Membership
Irving Joe, Treasurer Irving Joe,
Barbara Hughes, Secretary Barbara Hughes,
Dan Randleman, Sgt-at-Arms Dan Randleman,

What Happens at Our Meetings?

Each week, we meet to improve our communication skills. There are three main aspects to our meetings:

  1. Table Topics – This exercise allows you to develop your extemporaneous speaking skills.
  2. Prepared Speeches – Following any one of the many speech projects, members present a speech to the club. This is where the ‘rubber hits the road’ in developing the necessary skills to becoming a better speaker.
  3. Evaluations – Each prepared speech receives an evaluation, which provides immediate feedback on how well the speaker met the defined objectives of the speech project and how they can make their next speech even better!

There are many roles that are imperative to a well-run meeting. Here is a listing of the roles and their descriptions that are scheduled for each meeting. As a new member, you'll be given an opportunity to participate right away by filling some of these roles!

At the end of each meeting we conduct an award presentation for the best:

Destinee and Dan

And the best part is . . . we have fun while doing all of this in just two hours!

In Addition...

Beyond Speaking

Toastmasters isn’t just about developing your own skills; there are many opportunities to help others.

Mentoring -

The Youth Leadership Program (YLP) - Works with children through an eight week course to begin developing their communication and leadership skills.